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I have the iPhone 4s on cricket wireless and had an unfortunate event happen while listening to voice mail messages. I decided to setup a password while in the main menu, because we all know about the good security practices, and how easy it is for others to listen to your voice mail if no password is setup, by spoofing your phone number.

Anyways, I hit the option to setup a password and the call was disconnected before I was able to enter in a new pin number. No big deal right? So I went back in to the voice mail system, and I was prompted for my password!?…I tried the obvious defaults like 0000 and 1234…but neither of these worked. I then went to and logged into my account thinking I could reset my password from the web, no luck…the only way to reset your password (according to their website) is to call their tech support line. So, here I go to call the tech support line. When I explain I need to reset my voice mail (which seems like a simple thing to do) the Customer Service Rep informs me that by doing so I would lose all my current voice mails! I told him not to do that and asked what the default password was, he explained that I could try 0000,1234, or 9999.

I hung up and tried the last one I did not try which was 9999 and that worked! So if anyone else is struggling with the default password for cricket voice mail, hopefully this will help you.

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  1. Dude, you saved my life, I recently activated a new Cricket line and was never even asked to create a password, so when I called the voicemail system I was prompted to enter the password that I never created, and the first two options you described didn’t work for me as well. I was on the phone waiting for customer service to answer when I found your post, tried 9999 and that did the trick! :D

  2. I had the same problem. I never had a password on the email and then all of the sudden it was asking for a password. I guess you get what you pay for in this world.

  3. It worked!!! Yeah!!! It seems like this is the new feature for all Cricket phones now. Thank you so much for posting.

  4. It’s not working for me. I have an LG Optimus L70, is that why it’s not working. I have cricket wireless though…help… :(

  5. wow ,1. so if anyone wants to gather as much info as possible from everyone’s email whether for bad or good reasons all they need is four simple default #’s ? ? This begs for the second question. 2. How can I disable the default #s , after resetting my pin# if my identity was stolen , my voice mails hacked , my bank accounts cleaned out, credit cards max’t , and my psycho x-girlfriend finding out who my new girlfriend is and chopping her into pieces with an ax.? Which begs another question , 3. Does Obama know that anyone can read his emails ? unsecure by design ! and everyone is praising its merits . it would be better to have no pin’#s, at least no one would be blinded by the elusion of security.

  6. Uh… This didn’t work for me. I have a Cricket Altair ZTE and I can’t figure it out for the life of me! I tried every 4 digit pin I could think of, and none of them worked O.o

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